Planning Grants

The Dane County Better Urban Infill Development (BUILD) program provides grant funding to local municipalities to plan infill developments and promote livability and sustainability.  Infill development is defined as the economic use of vacant land, or restoration or rehabilitation of existing structures or infrastructure, in already urbanized areas where water, sewer, and other public services are in place, that maintains the continuity of the original community fabric.  BUILD grants help pay for planning consultants who assist communities with preparation of infill plans.


Applicant must be a municipality (town, village or city) located in Dane County, Wisconsin.  For municipalities that exist in more than one county, the project area must be 100% contained within Dane County.

Funding Availability and Match Requirements

Maximum request amount is $25,000.  There is no funding available in 2018.  Local muncipalities are required to provide a local match for approved projects.  The local funding match is calculated as 50 percent of the total project cost (for example, 50% of a project with total costs of $30,000 would be $15,000).  In-kind labor does not count toward the match requirement.

Application Guidelines

  • The Guide to Submitting 2017 Funding Applications
  • Application FAQs:
    • Question:  Is there a form I need to fill out or a particular format I need to follow?
      • Answer: No, there is no application form, and no particular format.  We do however, recommend following the order of topics as found in the guidelines. 
    • Question: Part of of our project area is located in a different county - can we get funding for that part?
      • Answer:  No, you cannot get funding for that given portion of your project area.  For purposes of describing your project, include that portion making it clear that it is not located in Dane County and that the project amount requested does not include costs associated with it.
    • Question:  Our project is a plan for the entire downtown.  Do we have to get letters from all of the property owners?
      • Answer: No, you only need to get letters from owners for projects with smaller more site specific project areas (for instance one block) and/or for predevelopment activities.


  • Applications Due: 4:30 PM, Friday, July 14th, 2017
  • Presentation by Applicants to Build Committee: during week of July 31st, 2017
  • Funding Recommendations by BUILD Committee: during week of August 14th, 2017
  • Contract preparation, approval, execution: Mid August - September, 2017
  • Project Monitoring: October 2017+

2016 BUILD Grantees

  • City of Stoughton Riverfront Area Redevelopment Master Plan
  • City of Sun Prairie Main Street Corridor Redevelopment Plan
  • Village of Windsor, Windsor Road Redevelopment Plan

2015 BUILD Grantees

  • Village of Belleville Railroad Corridor Development
  • Village of Black Earth Economic Growth Opportunity Analysis & Strategy
  • Village of Cottage Grove Kessenich Property Redevelopment Plan
  • Village of Cross Plains Glacier’s Edge Square Shopping Center Redevelopment
  • City of Fitchburg Anton Drive Infill Redevelopment Public Visioning Process
  • City of Madison Worthington Park Neighborhood Health Impact Assessment (HIA)
  • Village of Marshall Highway 19 Corridor Redevelopment Plan



Pamela Andros, AICP
Senior Planner, Dane County Planning & Development

Prequalified Planning Consultants

Consultants Evaluation Criteria