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Launched in 1998 to encourage infill development, the BUILD program was a component of the Design Dane! and Farms and Neighborhoods land use initiatives. These initiatives proposed a set of policies and programs to both preserve important environmental resources and farmlands, and to promote strong healthy communities.  The Dane County Board of Supervisors established a BUILD Advisory Committee that approved a set of BUILD objectives.

Today the BUILD program partners with Dane County communities to plan and implement infill development and strong communities through planning grants.

"Perhaps most innovative of all the aspects of the county's multifaceted approach to land protection is what might be called its "inside" game. . . . the county has aggressively worked to encourage redevelopment and growth within municipal borders. The idea is that by creating incentives for infill development and by removing unnecessary roadblocks to redevelopment, the county helps take pressure off for sprawling, greenfield development in rural areas. . . The county has a successful grants program to encourage planning and redevelopment within its municipalities."

Nature-Friendly Communities: Habitat Protection and Land Use Planning, Christopher Duerksen and Cara Snyder, Island Press, 2005. (p. 178).

Due to difficult county budgets resulting from the 2008 recession, the BUILD program lost it's funding in 2009.  With the economic recovery well underway, funding was restored in 2015.

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