Better Urban Infill Development

Originally launched in 1999, the BUILD program partners with Dane County communities to plan and implement infill development through planning grants.  Infill development is defined as the economic use of vacant land, or restoration or rehabilitation of existing structures or infrastructure, in already urbanized areas where water, sewer, and other public services are in place, that maintains the continuity of the original community fabric.  BUILD grants help pay for planning consultants who assist communities with preparation of infill plans.

Planning grants are the key way that BUILD partners with communities in Dane County to plan and implement infill developments and great neighborhoods.  BUILD sponsored infill and great neighborhood planning brings together citizens, local government officials, and community and business leaders to plan for more walkable communities where services, jobs, housing, and shopping are in close proximity to one another.  Funding for the BUILD planning grants comes from County general revenue.  Since inception, BUILD funded projects show that the BUILD program objective of making better use of existing infrastructure attracts significant public and private sector investment.

Program Goals

  • Promote infill development, redevelopment and efficient use of existing infrastructure
  • Stabilize and enhance existing neighborhoods, downtowns and business districts
  • Revitalize communities
  • Avoid converting productive farmland on urban fringes
  • Provide viable options to auto trips by supporting walking, biking and transit
  • Attract private investment
  • Improve the lives of those of low to moderate income living in the community
  • Lead to the clean up of contaminated sites
  • Encourage improvements that promote healthy living

BUILD Advisory Committee

The nine member committee is made up of five County Executive appointees and four County Board Supervisors.  They are: Krista Browne (citizen), Phyllis Hasbrouck (citizen), Ken Meigs (citizen), Jason Tish (citizen), Jen Wilfrid (citizen), Jenni Dye (Supervisor, District 33), Maureen McCarville (Supervisor, District 22), Patrick Miles (Supervisor, District 34), Paul Nelson (Supervisor, District 9).

Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes

All County agendas and minutes are now available on-line, in a system called Legistar.  To view BUILD Advisory Committee meeting agendas or minutes, please use this Link to Legistar


Pamela Andros, AICP

Senior Planner, Dane County Planning and Development



Room 116 City-County Building

210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Madison, WI 53703